The Spanish Treasury Department “waives” with 1,500 returns after ERTE

The Spanish Treasury Department “gets rid” of 1,500 returns after the ERTE system collapses. image: Wikipedia

The Spanish Treasury Department “gets rid” of 1,500 returns after the ERTE system collapses.

In the coming months, the State Public Employment Service (SEPE) will eliminate 1,500 trainees who provided emergency assistance in the management of benefits for the unemployed and workers affected by * ERTE.

The interns were employed to alleviate the workload in the organization which was facing an avalanche of files due to the number of applications for the ERTEs.

However, they did not prevent services from collapsing as hundreds of thousands of suspended workers received their benefits late or the amount they received was incorrect.

Currently, there are half a million more unemployed in Spain than before the pandemic and another half a million workers affected by ERTE. SEPE’s staff stands at 7,000 who have been warned in recent months that there are not enough staff for the volume of services they have to provide.

The ministries of finance and civil service have tried in recent days to advance their negotiations with the unions to establish a new framework that reduces the volume of temporary contracts and allows more full-time staff.

The union complained that the departure of 1,500 workers means that the SEPE will lose 20% of the workforce with which it currently operates and that the evolution of the labor market is uncertain by the end of the year. the latest interns hired will be published.


There is a mechanism called ERTE (expediente de regulación temporal de empleo) which allows companies to temporarily lay off their workforce due to force majeure which in this case is the coronavirus crisis.

This is a regulation that effectively suspends a worker’s contract – or reduces their working hours – for as long as is deemed necessary during the crisis.

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