The ban on exporting avocados to Kenya could be lifted in mid-February

The 2021 avocado export season has been good compared to the previous year according to Kenyan exporter, Mofarm Exporters.

“The 2021 season ended in September, we exported both the conventional Hass and Fuerte varieties. The Kenyan governing bodies have helped us a lot in this industry,” explains Magdaline Kamau of Mofarm Exporters. “We exported up to 1,400,302 kg of organic Hass avocados and 960,600 kg of conventional Fuerte avocados. The Spanish market has been particularly good, we have dominated here for the last 3 seasons. The Egyptian and Turkish markets are also doing well and are still on the rise. The demand for the Fuerte variety in these two countries is increasing every day. »

The Kenyan government halted the export of avocados on January 31 this year to ensure that no immature avocados are exported.

“We didn’t really expect the ban to happen so soon, as many of our orchards have fully ripe fruit ready to harvest. We knew the ban would be in place, but not so soon. We managed to export 9 containers of the Fuerte variety to Egypt and Turkey and 4 containers of Hass to the Netherlands before the ban started this year. »

Talks and field inspections are underway to determine which parts of the country have ripened fruit ready for harvest. The ban could be lifted by mid-February under strict measures and conditions.

“If the ban is to be lifted by mid-February, the new crop will not be ripened, so farmers, suppliers and exporters will have time to harvest the matured old crop before the new ones mature. cultures.”

The main avocado varieties grown in Kenya are the Fuerte, Hass and Jumbo varieties. These varieties grow and mature under different conditions and in different areas in terms of altitude, rainfall levels and other climatic conditions giving different periods of maturity.

Mofarm Expoters has invested in its orchards and those that are leased in terms of irrigation and fertilization. “We expect to have a bountiful harvest this season where we can export more to our long-term customers overseas and also to new customers in other markets.”

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Mofarm Exporters
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