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Moscow, March 26: Russian Security Council Deputy Chairman Dmitry Medvedev told Sputnik and RT that Russia cannot be excluded from the G20 because this format was created by consensus.

“We created the G20 in 2008. They say, ‘Let’s get Russia out of the G20!’ But I remember how it was born before my eyes, these decisions were made together. First (former US President George W.) Bush attended, then (former US President Barack) Obama. Everyone was happy to have representatives from such different countries around the same table: Russia, the United States, China and India. And it was a format created by consensus, by unanimity. And now they tell us: “Let’s exclude”. No, you guys can’t do that,” Medvedev said.
The vice president said the G7 no longer mattered after Russia suspended its participation.
However, Medvedev said, the G20 is different because it helped Russia weather the 2008 economic crisis.
The Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council told Sputnik that the threat of a nuclear conflict always exists, even when no one wants war, so it is necessary to implement a responsible policy. “No one wants war, much less a nuclear war, which threatens the very existence of human civilization.
In this sense, analysts who say, perhaps a bit cynically, but nevertheless, that the development of nuclear weapons prevented a large number of conflicts in the 20th and 21st centuries, are right. It’s true. In fact, he did,” Medvedev said, answering the question about a possible nuclear conflict or war between Russia and NATO. “So it’s obvious that the threat still exists,” he added.
The vice president noted that NATO nuclear weapons were aimed at facilities on the territory of Russia, as well as Russian warheads were aimed at targets in Europe and the United States. Therefore, said Medvedev, it is necessary to pursue a responsible policy. Medvedev noted that the current crisis is worse than it was during the Cold War, because at that time the Russian counterparts were not trying to bring the situation to boiling point, they were not imposing sanctions industries, agriculture and individuals. Medvedev added that if the Russian leadership had taken an irresponsible position, they would have withdrawn from the New START treaty (Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty), because the people who signed it are now on the West’s sanctions list. .


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