Qatar’s oil and gas exports up 100% in 2022

Qatar’s energy exports are significantly higher than they were last year.

Qatari exports of petroleum gas and other hydrocarbons such as liquefied natural gas amounted to $9.2 billion in August this year, an increase of 100.6%, the official news agency reports. from Qatar.

Why is this important: The increase comes as Qatar strives to export more gas to Europe as countries on the continent want to reduce their dependence on Russian gas due to the war in Ukraine. The issue is particularly pressing at the moment due to the upcoming European winter, when people rely on gas for heating.

Qatar is reportedly close to a long-term deal to export liquefied natural gas to Europe.

Qatar is one of the largest natural gas producers in the world, along with the United States, Russia, Australia and a few others.

Qatari gas exports to Europe began to rise earlier this year. Exports of liquefied natural gas from the Gulf state to European Union member states roughly doubled from March to April 2022, according to Statista. The Russian invasion of Ukraine began in February.

Know more: Qatar is not the only Gulf country seeking to increase its gas exports to Europe. The United Arab Emirates also recently signed a gas supply agreement with Germany.

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