Prioritizing Digital Literacy for G20 Success: Ministry

The Indonesian G20 Presidency encourages the establishment of a digital skills and literacy assessment, which can be applied to all G20 members.

Jakarta (ANTARA) – Increasing the digital literacy of the Indonesian people is the ministry’s main priority to make Indonesia’s 2022 G20 Presidency a success, said Ministry of Communication and Information Technology spokesperson Dedy Permadi .

“The Indonesian G20 Presidency is encouraging the establishment of a digital skills and literacy assessment, which can be applied to all G20 members. The ministry is discussing this with the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) and the University of Oxford,” he told a conference. online event Thursday.

As chair of the intergovernmental forum in 2022, Indonesia has identified digital literacy as one of the main topics for discussion, he said.

The digital literacy assessment, which will be offered at the forum, will be a reference for all countries to prepare their population to face the new realities of the digital age, he added.

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The ministry spokesperson likened the digital literacy assessment to building a house, saying both involve putting in place a foundation, pillars and a roof.

Establishing the foundation means the state must provide adequate infrastructure and ecosystem for the digital space to thrive, Permadi said.

Then pillars must be installed, he informed. There are at least three pillars that can be established based on the digital infrastructure and ecosystem: digital literacy, empowerment and job opportunities, he added.

“Digital literacy is the first pillar. We must therefore encourage its progressive and sustainable development. Additionally, people must be empowered to become productive while using the internet. So they can work and earn an income from their digital skills,” Permadi explained.

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Meanwhile, the digital literacy assessment – as a roof – completes the foundations and pillars in assessing the country’s success in preparing its people for the digital age, he said.

Therefore, it is not only the government that must play an active role in the success of the national digital literacy movement, but also the community and other institutions, he added.

This would help Indonesia achieve an excellent digital literacy index in the future, he said.

According to the 2021 Digital Literacy Index survey conducted by the ministry on a digital literacy social movement platform, SiBerkreasi, and online media and research company Katadata, Indonesia has a moderate level of digital literacy, with a score of 3.49 out of five points.

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