Only PML-N considered long-term planning, says Ahsan

LAHORE: Pakistani Muslim League-Nawaz (PMLN) leader Ahsan Iqbal said on Monday that the way the party government behaved under Nawaz Sharif between 2013 and 2018 was appreciated even by international organizations, reported local media reported.

Addressing a press conference, he said: “So much so that one of the organizations was so impressed with the policies of the PML-N government that they even predicted that Pakistan would be part of the G-20. in a few years.”

He told Prime Minister Imran Khan that it was the PMLN that considered long-term planning. “Prime Minister, you are responsible for the destruction of the country since you threw a wrench into the work of the PMLN government in collusion with local and foreign agencies. You tried to overthrow our government in a sit-in in 2014.

And you exploited the situation, resulting from the leaks in Panama and created uncertainty in the country with the help of your foreign donors, ”he said, and added:“ Unlike the PMLN government, which had borrowed 10,000 billion rupees in 10 years. , you borrowed 13 trillion rupees in just three years. “

Ahsan said and the irony was that the government was going ahead with borrowing to cover the deficit because it had failed to meet the fiscal target. “You cannot fool us by giving lectures on economic and foreign policies and Indian governance,” said the leader of the PML-N, and asked, “Have you controlled inflation, provided 10 million jobs for young people and other economic problems facing the country. “

He said: “All Pakistanis have witnessed the economic disaster of the country at your hands, Prime Minister. That’s why people rejected you in recent by-elections held in Khushab, Daska and other areas, ”he said.

He accused Prime Minister Imran of patronizing the mafias. “And now you are going to commit more ‘corruption’ than the Rawalpindi Ring Road scandal by handing out billions of rupees worth of Lahore Walton Airport land to your blue-eyed friends and boys.

He called for a transparent investigation into the “Walton Airport scandal”. The head of the PMLN also attacked the authority of the CPEC, claiming it was a burden on the public treasury.

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