Noida Beneficiaries Get Extension Due to Lockdown | News from Noida

NOIDA: To complete construction work on their plots, all Noida beneficiaries will be offered a six-month extension at no additional cost.
The condition, officials said, is that they should have been allocated the land by the Noida authority by July 2 of last year.

Acting at the request of beneficiaries, the Authority had submitted a proposal – pending for more than a year – to the board of directors on September 24 for approval. In accordance with the decision taken by the Uttar Pradesh Housing and Development Board, the authority was asked to grant a waiver to recipients who could not submit documents due to the strict lockdown that had been imposed during the first wave.
Treating the pandemic epidemic as a “Force Majeure” event, the Authority also called on the state government to give beneficiaries more time so as not to be able to complete paperwork.
It wasn’t until September last year that the Authority started moving its services online and encouraged beneficiaries to submit their claims without needing to physically visit the office premises.
“As the Sector 6 office was closed from April 2020 for five to six months, we were unable to submit maps and documents. And on request later, the Authority requested an extension fee. We wanted to add another floor to our office and requested approval from the Authority at that time, ”said Dharmendra Singh, a contractor from Sector 61.
The Authority orders a minimum of 4% of the land premium to grant an extension of up to one year for the search for a completion or a functional letter. The charges vary up to 20% for one year of the land premium in the event of a request for extension of completion on a commercial plot of five years from the stipulated deadline. The search timeline for completion or functional letter is stated in the award letter.
In her order issued on October 8 (Friday), the Authority’s Chief Executive Officer, Ritu Maheshwari, said the deadline for requesting the waiver was kept at July 2, 2020. Maheshwari added that those who had been assigned the land before this date can claim the benefits of the scheme. “Allocations made after the cut-off period will not be taken into account,” said a special duty officer of the Authority.
As part of NCR, Noida had started imposing restrictions on the movement of the public from March 22, 2020, shortly after the detection of some cases of Covid. The three planning authorities remained occupied with sanitation and fumigation activities as well as for urban services during the containment period.
The work of the Noida Authority was affected between March 22 and September 21. Since no online platform was available to request the completion letter, the Authority will consider it as a “zero period” and will not levy any charge on the beneficiaries who had to have their deeds signed. lease during the six month window.

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