Manchin is not ready to support Democrats by going through infrastructure themselves

Senator Joe manchinJoe ManchinHarris Gets New High-Stakes Role With Voting Rights Effort Sinema defends filibuster, sparking Manchin’s progressive fury to meet with NAACP next week to discuss voting rights MORE (DW.Va.) said Thursday he was not yet backing Democrats trying to go it alone to adopt an infrastructure package, even though a growing number of his colleagues are running out of patience.

Manchin, in separate talks in West Virginia with NBC and CNN, has made it clear that he wants White House-Republicans talks, led by his fellow West Virginia senator. Shelley Moore CaptainShelley Wellons Moore CapitoOn The Money: May Jobs Report Comes At A Hinged Biden Agenda Time | Biden and top GOP negotiator agree to continue infrastructure talks Friday night Energy: Senate climate advocates start digging infrastructure targets | judge rejects Noem’s offer for July 4th fireworks at Mount Rushmore | Climate advocate wins third seat on Exxon Biden board, top GOP negotiator agrees to continue infrastructure talks on Friday MORE (R), to continue.

“We have to do something in a bipartisan way.… We are not going to get it all but we can move forward,” Manchin said. told CNN. “It takes time. I know everyone is in a hurry right now.… We have to work together and it takes a lot of time, energy and patience.”

When asked in a separate interview with NBC News whether Democrats should try to adopt an infrastructure package on their own, Manchin added, “I don’t think we should. really don’t. ”

Manchin’s comments come as many of his fellow Senate Democrats stand ready for the White House to withdraw from talks with Capito as the two sides remain at bay on the price of a potential deal and how to pay for it. .

“Best case: the infrastructure bill shrunk without any serious climate problem; the Rs get bipartisan credibility. Worst case: delay for nothing. Either way: curbside climate,” the senator said. Sheldon White HouseSheldon WhitehouseOvernight Energy: Senate climate advocates begin to address infrastructure targets | judge rejects Noem’s offer for July 4th fireworks at Mount Rushmore | Climate advocate wins third seat on Exxon board Democrat predicts ‘big fight’ over Senate carbon pricing Climate advocates in Senate start digging into infrastructure goals MORE (DR.I.) tweeted this week about a story about Capito and President BidenJoe BidenBiden congratulates election of new Israeli president in deal to oust Netanyahu Trump DOJ seized phone records from New York Times reporters. “Blue’s Clues” Hosts Virtual Pride Parade With Help From Former “Drag Race” Competitor MORElast meeting of.

Biden and Capito are expected to speak to each other again on Friday, although some administration officials have suggested they may end the talks as early as next week.

Democrats have long recognized that they will likely have to pass an infrastructure package without GOP support, which they can do as part of a budget process known as reconciliation.

But they need full Senate unity to use the fast-track process – something that cannot be achieved in a 50-50 Senate without Manchin.

Manchin told CNN that Capito is due to give an update to a key group of moderate senators, known as the G-20, next week. The group, he added, would be looking for ways to “help and assist” the White House to strike an infrastructure deal with the Republicans.

The White House initially viewed Memorial Day as a self-imposed deadline for talks with the GOP, but has indicated it was ready to extend it until early June.

Majority leader in the Senate Charles SchumerUnion Chuck SchumerTop unveils mayor’s national strategy to move Biden’s employment plan forward Don’t put all of our cars in the basket EV Pelosi launches Jan 6 Democrat-led investigation as an alternative to the PLUS commission (DN.Y.) indicated that July was a deadline for Democrats to push forward an infrastructure package.

To do this, they would first need full unity of their caucus and Vice President Harris, to pass a budget resolution that gives the green light by bypassing the filibuster on the infrastructure bill. They would then have to pass the subsequent infrastructure package, a Herculean task that would require buy-in from all Democratic senators.

Manchin, the most conservative member of the Democratic caucus, has already found himself in the midst of several fights this year, including helping to sink Neera TandenNeera TandenFormer OMB chooses Neera Tanden to serve as senior adviser to Biden Manchin, Biden rallies amid talks over breaking package T Manchin prides himself on being ‘most bipartisan senator’ MOREappointment to the Bureau of Management and Budget, opposing the minimum wage of $ 15 an hour and repeatedly doubling its opposition to the elimination of the legislative filibuster by 60 votes.

Biden, at an event in Tulsa this week, made remarks that were widely seen as criticism of Manchin and Sen. Kyrsten SinemaKyrsten SinemaSinema defends filibuster, sparking progressive Manchin fury to meet NAACP next week to discuss voting rights Arizona Democratic Secretary of State to run for governor MORE (D-Ariz.), Who also opposes gutting filibuster.

“I hear all the people on TV say, ‘Why isn’t Biden doing this? “” he said on Tuesday. “Well, because Biden effectively only has a four-vote majority in the House and a tie in the Senate, with two Senate members voting more with my Republican friends.”

White House press secretary Jen psakiJen PsakiHalf of US States End Improved Unemployment Benefits Amid Pandemic On The Money: May Jobs Report Comes At Hinged Biden Agenda Time | Biden and GOP Lead Negotiator Agree to Continue Infrastructure Negotiations Friday Harris Gets New High-Stakes Role With Voting Rights Effort MORE has called Biden a mockery of television pundits rather than criticizing two members of his own party, whom he needs to get his agenda through the Senate.

And Manchin, when asked about CNN’s comments, brushed them off.

“I spoke to the White House. I think it was totally out of context, “he said.

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