Kenya: Veterinarians opposed to Wajackoyah’s plan to export hyena tests to China

Nairobi Kenya – The Union of Veterinary Practitioners of Kenya (UVPK) has rejected a Roots party manifesto proposal to allow Kenya to trade in snake and hyena testicles, calling it “unrealistic and impractical “.

Roots party presidential candidate Professor George Wajackoyah sparked a hilarious debate after launching his manifesto which advocates the export of cannabis, hyena testicles and snake venom.

“The Union of Veterinary Practitioners of Kenya (UPVK) is disturbed by the level of policy discussions that could harm animals. Prof Wajakoyah’s claim that it is possible for Kenyans to trade in wildlife and animal products wildlife is quite disturbing and impractical,” the group said in a statement.

Wajackoyah claims that a single hyena testicle can fetch up to Sh6,000,000 in China. Capital FM has not independently established the authenticity of this claim.

UVPK Secretary General Miheso Mulembani said both species could decline if their products are marketed due to the low population of the species in the country.

According to Mulembani, animal products can lead to the spread and outbreak of dangerous diseases like viruses and bacteria that can affect human beings.

“Wajakoyah’s proposal to trade in snakes and hyena testicles is a recipe for another pandemic due to the spilling of viruses, bacteria and parasites from wild hyenas and snakes onto human beings,” a- he declared.

According to Mulembani, Wajackoya’s plan will be a violation of Kenya’s charter under the International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES).

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