Israeli authorities travel to Ireland to view export facilities

A group of Israeli veterinary inspectors traveled to Ireland to visit its livestock export facilities, sources confirmed to Agriland.

While approval for the export of livestock from Ireland to Israel is still a long way off, inspection of Israeli veterinary personnel is ultimately the first step in the process of obtaining approval to export livestock to the country.

The Israeli inspection took place several weeks ago and no further movement is expected on the pre-Christmas approval process.

The country already imports significant numbers of cattle from other countries such as Portugal and Australia as well as a number of other Eastern European countries.

Although the approval process is still in its very early stages, buyers across the country are reportedly in the market for weaned bulls ranging from 350 to 400 kg from both milking mothers and stronger weaned bulls.

Libyan exports

Meanwhile, in other cattle export news, a Co. Cork-based cattle exporter has started sourcing “up to 2,000” Frisian bulls for export to Libya.

The contract has been secured by Curzon Livestock and the shipment is expected to leave Cork in the coming weeks.

Frisian bulls for Libya
The bulls sought by Curzon Livestock must weigh between 300 and 500 kg, have no horns and be free from ringworm.

Breeders with suitable cattle and interested in supplying bulls to Curzon Livestock should contact: 021 489 7881, for more information.

In conclusion, a company spokesperson expressed confidence that there will be more shipments of this type of cattle as well as others in the future and noted that “2022 is shaping up to be a very good one. year for exports ”.

The shipment is completely separate from another cattle exporter – Viastar – who earlier this week announced they are also looking for Frisian bulls for the Libyan market.

Viastar is also looking for Frisian bulls of a particular specification for export to the Libyan market.

The bulls sought by Viastar must weigh more than 400 kg, have no horns and be free from ringworm.

Farmers who have questions or would like more information can contact Viastar on: 087 6242979 or alternatively on: 087 3956282.

A spokesperson for Viastar told Agriland the exporter is confident of further shipments of this and other type of livestock in the near future.

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