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What should a person do to communicate with LinkedIn Connections? How do you initiate faster communication at all times with these LinkedIn professional contacts? You might not know this – with LinkedIn you can get thousands of business contacts, but you can’t reach them effectively because you have to visit their profile first, then drop messages and wait a long time before you start communicate with them.

So, one way to connect with these business contacts is to export a contact list and analyze effective communication approaches. This is one of the basic strategies for ideal marketing campaigns. While doing so, a series of questions pop up in everyone’s mind, including How to export LinkedIn contacts? How can we do this? Where to start ? What will come next on the way?

First, get in touch with these business contacts. Once these contacts are exported, you can communicate directly with business contacts and encourage them to discover the best strategies to grow your business. So, this article explains the step-by-step procedure to export contacts with email.

Let’s get started and learn how to export contacts from LinkedIn!

Want to extract LinkedIn contacts? Here we are! Let’s learn how to export contacts from LinkedIn? This platform comes with the best feature allowing users to easily export their contacts. Without any tools, you can export contacts directly with LinkedIn. If you have a lot of contacts in your address book, it may be annoying to go through each contact profile and copy/paste tons of contacts. So, LinkedIn allows users to follow a series of instructions to export the contact list in CSV format.

Once you export the contact list, you can save those contacts in Google Docs or spreadsheet and have a copy of valuable contacts to boost the network channel. Having a list of contacts available locally allows you to communicate at any time without waiting for their answers like on LinkedIn. Here is the procedure detailing how to export LinkedIn contacts to Excel. Follow these steps to get a list of business contacts exported to the spreadsheet.

– Step 1 – Select the “My Network” option appearing at the top of the homepage

At the top right of the LinkedIn home page, many options may appear on the screen. Select the “My Network” option and you will see another sub-menu, “Connections”. Then make a selection on “Connections”.

– Step 2 – Select “Manage synced and imported contacts” tab

When you select “Connections”, you can find other options on the screen. Try going with the “Manage synced and imported contacts” selection.

– Step 3 – In Settings & Privacy, choose the Data Privacy tab from the left menu

You will find several tabs in the list of settings and privacy. From there, choose the Data Privacy option from the tab.

– Step 4 – Opt for the option “How LinkedIn uses your data”

Here you will get two options listed on the screen: “Manage your data and activity” and “Get a copy of your data”.

– Step 5 – Then choose the option “Get a copy of your data”

When you select the “Get a copy of your data” option, a list of options will finally appear on the screen, including “Want something specific?” and “download data archive”. Select the option “Do you want something in particular?” of the two choices.

– Step 6: Choose and select the data files you want to export and “Request Archive”

Enter valid LinkedIn credentials and authenticate to get the link in email id.

Open the link sent in your email. You will see that the quick archive file is ready to download in just 10 minutes.

– Step 8 – Access the CSV file of exported contacts

Open the downloaded CSV file and get a list of contacts imported into the CSV.

You can use these exported contacts to build relationships with business contacts. It will be easier for business people to nurture business contacts directly with basic marketing strategies. This is one of the ideal approaches to get a contact list and start prospecting for business goals. It boosts regular sales from the marketing engine.

Why are there no emails in my Linkedin connections export?

When you export email addresses from LinkedIn, a common reaction you’ll see on every person’s face is that the email column in Excel gets deleted. Therefore, you cannot see the emails on the CSV. Who would like to view business contact profiles and then copy the information? It can be a boring thing for anyone.

  • Do you know why this happens?

Most people have access to view their contact information. If a user doesn’t give permissions, you can’t make the email address appear in the exported list of LinkedIn contacts. Once the user authorizes the permissions, you can easily access the contact information. So the question is- from where you can update the permissions. Keep reading more to find out how you can do this.

  • Do you know how you can do this?

For everyone to download contact information, you need to change the account settings on LinkedIn. So here are the instructions mentioned below to set account settings and allow others to download and export LinkedIn contacts information in Excel. Then anyone who wants to download LinkedIn contacts can easily get an email in the exported CSV file.

  1. First, in the “Settings and Privacy”, select the “Privacy” option.
  2. Second, select the “Who can see my email address” option appearing in the privacy settings.
  3. Also, opt for the option “Allow your connections to download your email in their data export”.
  4. Now switch the default settings to “No”. From now on the user can see that the email address will start appearing in the CSV.

Manually exporting contacts to LinkedIn is quite a difficult task as the whole procedure takes time. But how to export LinkedIn contacts to Excel quickly and efficiently? You can find many LinkedIn automation tools, but drip is an advanced LinkedIn Scraper with many useful features. It allows users to download LinkedIn contacts and complete tasks faster.

Do you know that exporting LinkedIn contacts with Dripify is quite easy and fast? You can integrate Dripify LinkedIn automation tool with your LinkedIn profile and easily export contacts with emails. Moreover, one can drip message to send updates and invitations to the exported contact list with the advanced features of Dripify.

These features of Dripify allow multiple filters in CSV export for better campaign readers. If you want to export your LinkedIn contacts with Dripify, then follow these steps one by one mentioned below:

Step 1 – Log into your LinkedIn account with valid credentials

Enter valid user information and login to LinkedIn account.

Step 2 – Open the Leads tab appearing on the screen

When you open the Leads tab, you will see the Export option on the screen. Click on the “Export” option.

Step 3 – Export all your contacts

Now Dripify will download all contacts. Here you can use filters to access certain specified fields.

Step 4 – Download exported contact list

You will see a link appear on the screen to download the exported contacts from LinkedIn. You can download the data in a few simple steps.

Step 5 – You can also export data based on conditions

Supposing a user wants the email ids with custom conditions, you can select the filters and upload the CSV in this way.

Follow these instructions and get a list of your LinkedIn contacts exported in CSV format. It is simple to use and is an advanced tool. It can be a backup for you when you can’t access LinkedIn for some reason. Moreover, you can easily get in touch with the contacts for various campaigns.


This is the most common question among individuals “Can we get the exported list of business contacts?” So, here in this article, you can learn how to export connections from LinkedIn. Although manually exporting contacts is quite tedious, one can use some LinkedIn automation tools to make their process simple and fast.

Among them is Dripify; you can use Dripify to easily export contacts with conditional data. You can select particular fields and search using advanced filters. It is useful to get a simple list of contacts exported to the CSV file. Interestingly, it is a safe tool as it asks for authentication. Once credentials are authenticated, you can explore and download business contacts in minutes.

So, if you want to get the list of business contacts exported from your LinkedIn account, just follow all the steps mentioned above and you can download the CSV file within minutes. Dripify is the best time-saving and easily accessible tool. This will help you reach your business goals faster and close deals more easily.

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