Horner: ‘Red Bull trying to sign Colton Herta from IndyCar’

Then the silly 2022 Formula 1 season is far from over despite Alonso’s move to Aston Martin and McLaren stealing the prized academy driver from Alpine. After missing out on the Alonso/Piastri affair by losing two drivers in two days, Alpine now holds the keys to who drives where in 2023.

Daniel Ricciardo was paid off his $12m contract last year and would likely race for Alpine for free. However, the Alpine team seem unable to forgive the Australian driver for the way he left them two years ago and are pursuing Red Bull driver Pierre Gasley.

Red Bull will expect compensation from Alpine but it is clear that they will not particularly try to keep their Alfa Tauri driver. Gasley was promoted to the big boys team in 2019 but returned to the sister team after 12 rounds.

If Gasley had ever had the chance to race for the senior Red Bull team, it would surely have happened in 2021 after Alex Albon, who was Verstappen’s teammate, was released from the team. Still, Sergio Perez was brought in on a yearly deal which was converted to a multi-year deal ahead of Monaco this season.

TJ13 reported last week that the FIA ​​was considering applying for an F1 super license from a current IndyCar driver.

Article TJ13: the American now firmly in the mix for f1 driving in 2023

Asked about Pierre Gasley’s future after the Zandvoort race, team boss Christian Horner replied: “He’s a Red Bull Racing driver on loan at Alpha Tauri and there’s a lot of loose plates at the moment.

“We’ll see how it goes.”

Horner was asked if they would only release Gasley if they could get Colton Herta’s F1 super license application approved by the FIA.

Horner replied “It’s a key element. You’re not going to release Pierre unless you have someone exciting to put in that car.

In apparent confirmation of this, Today F1 reporter Chris Medland revealed on Twitter:

Formula 1 CEO Stefano Dominicali has tried to sign an American driver for the sport. Formula 1 took off in the US and the addition of the Vegas GP in 2023 will see 5 races in North America.

Rumors abound that Dietrich Mateschitz is ill and as Ted Kravitz confirmed yesterday he was not even present on the circuit he owns for the Austrian GP this year.

One outcome may be that he sells Alpha Tauri to the eager Andretti Motorsports Global team who want to join F1 but have the door firmly closed at present to do so as the 11th team on the grid. Herta drives for Andretti in IndyCar and is the perfect type of driver that Helmut Marko would love to recruit.

Herta has incredible speed, but like the young Verstappen he is very erratic and therefore a perfect fit for Helmut Marko who recruits the young drivers for Red Bull Racing. Marko thinks it’s easier to make a fast driver consistent than a fast consistent driver.

Colton finished 3rd in the Indy Drivers’ title race in just his second full season and now has 7 Indy wins in four years as well as two podium finishes for finishing P2.

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Red Bull is pressuring the FIA ​​to grant Colton Herta an F1 super license because under current rules he does not qualify.

As TJ13 commentator Jere Jurala aptly explains, the problem is this:

” A derogation [to the FIA’s requirements] requires a force majeure event beyond a given driver’s control that prevented that driver from achieving the standard minimum requirement of 40 SL points and no force majeure event (or nothing in the recent past) has affected the chances of Herta

“Short answer, no force majeure, no derogation.

“The minimum COVID-30 alternative has become more or less non-existent/irrelevant over time since COVID only really affected racing programs in 2020 and Vips was the only driver who suffered at the time.

“For Herta, the only factor that can be considered force majeure to some extent is their 2018 IndyLights campaign, as they did not get any SL points by finishing 2nd for an insufficient number of competitors which, of course, was something out of his control.

“I don’t know if the FIA ​​would award the points he deserved from this campaign four years late and if they did they would have to do the same for the other drivers involved, including Pato. [Oward]for the sake of fairness.

“Getting SL points late from the 2018 IndyLights campaign is literally the only way for Herta to achieve eligibility in time for the next season opener, nothing else.”

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