Government raises digitization issue at G20 forum

Digitization is crucial for the financial sector

Jakarta (ANTARA) – The Indonesian government has raised three questions relating to digitization during the G20 presidency due to the importance of the transition to the digital space in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Digitization is crucial for the financial sector. Many people currently do not have a bank account or do not get full banking services and facilities. Therefore, digital banks and digital currencies are very crucial, ”noted Communications and IT Minister Johnny G. Plate. a press release here on Thursday.

At the Digital Economy Task Force Forum, the government raised three other priority issues, including connectivity and the post-pandemic situation, increasing digital capabilities and digital literacy, the flow of data between countries and the free flow of data with confidence.

The discussion on digital issues aims to facilitate the transition of community activities to the digital space, so that the community can be well served.

As the coordinator and communication medium for the G20, the ministry considered the implementation and content of the discussion at the international forum to be successful.

“We expect the forum to be well implemented. Based on the previous event, Indonesia will strive to overcome the shortcomings that previously existed,” the minister said.

Based on the content of the discussion, in particular the Finance track and the Sherpa track, the Minister summarized three main themes: an inclusive global health architecture, digital transformation and economic transformation, and energy transition.

The design of an inclusive global health system aims to strengthen and restructure the post-pandemic global health system.

The discussion on digital transformation and economic transformation aims to optimize the use of inclusive digital technology by promoting digitization in various sectors, including the economy.

In the meantime, the forum will also discuss expanding access to technology towards the use of clean and affordable energy, with sustainable funding.

The G20 Forum Finance Track and Sherpa Track forums will include 19 working group activities and 12 engagement group activities. A total of 165 meetings will be held in 19 cities across Indonesia during the G20 event.

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