G20 JFHTF to Draft Pandemic Preparedness and Response Action Plan

The third meeting of the JFHTF is an important milestone for all member countries in developing funding strategies for pandemic prevention, preparedness and response or PPR

Jakarta (ANTARA) – The Indonesian Ministries of Finance and Health resumed the third virtual meeting of the G20 Joint Task Force on Finance and Health (JFHTF) on Friday, April 1, 2022.

Opening the meeting, JFHTF Co-Chair Wemp Saputra called on G20 member countries to develop a financing action plan for pandemic preparedness and response (PPR).

“The third meeting of the JFHTF is an important step for all member countries in developing funding strategies for pandemic prevention, preparedness and response or PPR,” Saputra said in a press release issued here on Saturday. .

The outcomes of the third JFHTF meeting will serve as input to the G20 finance and health ministers, and will be discussed at the second meeting of G20 finance ministers and central bank governors (FMCBG) in April 2022.

“The third meeting of the JFHTF should be able to provide ministers with the feedback they need to develop new financial mechanisms, as well as how to implement them,” Saputra explained.

Meanwhile, JFHTF Co-Chair Kunta Wibawa chaired a meeting to discuss World Bank and World Health Organization (WHO) reports on the PPR funding gap and gap. modalities for building financial facilities between countries.

“The meeting should be able to prepare guidelines for health and finance ministers in (devising) a new financial mechanism and its structural preferences and how we can all move forward together,” said Wibawa.

At the third meeting, G20 members also launched “COVID-19 countermeasures” and a “One Health” global action plan, and agreed to urgently close the huge gap in the management of health crises between countries.

G20 members also expressed their support for the establishment of new financial mechanisms that will provide a dedicated and sustainable source of funding for PPR. The new financing regime will also complement the landscape of existing financing solutions.

“JFHTF will continue to work on completing the modalities which will be reported to the G20 Finance and Health Ministers,” Wibawa said.

The JFHFT under the G20 and the JFHTF Secretariat play an important role in supporting health and financial coordination to achieve PPR, which complies with international health regulations.

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