Fix the Future: 4,900% dividend growth and spotlight on Amazon in Latin America

Several of the world’s top money managers are hoping to capitalize on the many blows to growth stocks this year by snapping up shares of a company billed as the Amazon of Latin America.

Meanwhile, elite Prime Minister Mark Baribeau believes the growth rout may have run its course, creating buying opportunities.

Is it on something? Fix the futureThe recent search for boltholes from market turmoil among companies with fortress balance sheets and sure dividend plays has brought up several growth names at tempting prices.

The amazon of the amazon

Did you miss Amazon in the 2010s? What about boarding its older South American equivalent, MercadoLibre, after the shares fell 52% from their peak. That’s what Fix the Future found among the best investors in the world.

MercadoLibre is using its incredible success in e-commerce to branch out into new growth markets such as fintech, where it sees an opportunity to provide life-saving financial services to large numbers of people without bank accounts and to small businesses struggling. hard to get credit.

“MercadoLibre has more than 40 million customers and is growing – it has a reputation, a brand name and a system that keeps them captive,” said elite prime minister Hervé van Caloen, who has built a position of 3.4% in its Mercator International Opportunity fund in the past. year. Read more.

Fortress balance sheets

One of the things van Caloen likes about MercadoLibre is the strength of its balance sheet. With interest rates soaring in response to high inflation, this is an increasingly important consideration for all equity investments.

To this end, Fix the future scoured the favorite holdings of the 421 top fund managers we follow to find companies with fortress balance sheets.

Many of the companies highlighted by our screen are tech games. Despite their financial strength and record growth, for many, valuations look attractive. Mark Baribeau, elite premier and head of global equities at Jennison Associates, believes growth stocks are now “cheap” and should come back.

Dividend darlings

Previously, growth favorites were also among the stocks highlighted by our recent review of safe dividend games among top managers’ high-conviction portfolios.

We’ve taken a closer look at some of the more notable choices. This includes a leading technology company with stocks offering a 3% yield that has managed to multiply its dividend nearly 500 times over the past two decades – Texas Instruments.

In our quest for safe dividends, we also looked at one of Baribeau’s favorite stocks, French drinks company Pernod Ricard, high-yielding stocks from TotalEnergies and very stable performers from Nippon Telegraph and Telephone.

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