Export to notify 55 landowners of sewer lateral issues

Export officials will notify 55 landowners who must correct issues identified during sideline smoke and dye testing, mandated by the borough’s consent agreement with the Environmental Protection Department of Pennsylvania.

Council voted unanimously Tuesday night to have the Franklin Township Municipal Health Authority send the letters.

“I’d like to move forward with this while it’s fresh in people’s minds and marked in their hearts,” Council Chairman Barry Delissio said.

The council also voted to hire sewer authority officials to perform camera work on approximately 1,600 feet of borough sewer line on Washington, Harrison and Madison avenues.

“They weren’t (done) during the original camera work because we were missing the manholes that needed to be installed,” Delissio said.

FTMSA will perform the work at a cost of $150 per hour.

Under the state’s consent order framework, issues identified during smoke and dye testing must be resolved within 18 months of being identified.


The council awarded a $107,000 contract to Tresco Paving for the paving of the borough’s parking lot.

This project is moving forward as the short 750 foot extension of the Westmoreland Heritage Trail comes to an end. Council spent much of Tuesday’s meeting discussing how best to mark off the lot to maximize parking and also direct trail users to spaces with direct trail access.

This would leave other spaces for customers of downtown businesses.

Councilman John Nagoda said he and Mayor Joe Zaccagnini met with borough consultant Lisa Intrieri to secure additional parking spaces in the lot by eliminating some of the planned green space.

“We already have a huge green space – the stream,” Nagoda said. “I think it’s worth looking into if we can get more spaces there.”

Zaccagnini said the important thing was to do the paving work.

“It’s hard enough to visualize tessellation, let alone line painting,” he said. “We can finish the paving and then consider how best to proceed with parking.”

budget 2023

Zaccagnini presented a $1.1 million budget for 2023 that does not propose a tax increase.

The board voted unanimously to announce the budget, which will be adopted either at the Dec. 6 board meeting or at a special meeting later in the month.

To learn more, visit ExportPennsylvania.com.

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