Chilean Fruit Exports Ahead of Last Season’s Pace – Produce Blue Book

According to the Association of Fruit Exporters of Chile (ASOEX) BB #: 156234, during the current shipping season of 2021-2022 (September 1, 2021 – January 11, 2022), Chile exported 708,741 tons of fruit. expenses, reflecting an increase of 7.85% compared to the same period last year

The Far East is the main destination so far, with 301,181 tonnes received, but this represents a drop of 4.75% compared to the previous season, as reported by Simfruit.

The United States received 177,642 tons, representing a significant increase of 54.6%.

After the United States, Latin America with 114,936 tonnes (+10.45%), Europe with 106,849 tonnes (+21.35%), Canada with 6,354 tonnes (-19%) and Middle East with 1,142 tonnes (+92%).

In terms of participation, the Middle East received 43% of all Chilean fruit exported to date, followed by the United States with 25%, Latin America with 16% and Europe with 15%.

The main fruits exported to date are cherries (291,503 tons), avocados (97,188 tons), mandarins (87,869 tons), apples (97,188 tons), blueberries (55,371 tons), oranges (25,696 tonnes) and table grapes (17,373 tonnes) .

However, increased freight rates have resulted in lower margins for exporters and higher prices for consumers.

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