California to ban natural gas heaters by 2030

California has taken a step closer to its total dependence on renewable energy by banning the use of gas water heaters and furnaces starting in 2030.

The proposal to ban these products was unilaterally approved by the California Air Resources Board yesterday, Bloomberg reports.

“We really hope that this is the start of a domino effect and that other states will follow California’s lead,” said Leah Louis-Prescott, partner at RMI, an energy nonprofit. own.

The ban does not cover gas stoves at this time, but many cities in California are seeking to discourage the use of gas stoves and switch to electric-only appliances.

Now, with the ban on gas furnaces, Californians will have to familiarize themselves with heat pumps: all-electric heaters that are gaining popularity in Europe as an alternative to traditional heating methods.

Considered the way forward in heating technology, heat pumps are lauded for their efficiency and carbon footprint, but they have constraints such as temperature and they increase electricity consumption, which could put people at risk. strain a network designed for a certain level of consumption.

Earlier this month, California moved to ban sales of internal combustion engine cars starting in 2035. While climate activists welcomed the news, there are some issues, such as the fact that EVs in California, which is the largest EV market in the United States, account for just 15% of new car sales, according to figures from the California New Car Dealers’ Association.

Going from 15% to 100% in 11 years would be a challenge for an auto industry that is already struggling to find enough raw materials for the millions of electric vehicles that companies have pledged to manufacture.

Meanwhile, California continues to get about 40% of its electricity from fossil fuels. This must change if the state is to achieve its own goal of a zero emissions grid by 2045.

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