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Here’s a fact: The city of Austin has taken steps to resize its police department and reduce its involvement in state-sponsored violence without experiencing much local backlash. Yes, the Texas Republican leaders and the police guilds concerned have had loud public connections and have now passed laws that may or may not go through justice, and have been screaming about Backing the Blue, and have tried to produce the dissent by creating a portrait of a city in chaos, which Austin just isn’t.

But the Austinites have had a year now to demand the police reinstatement for themselves status quo ante, and they didn’t. Last November, Republican candidates did well in districts attracted to elect Republicans in an election with a Republican president at the top of the table. Only one, Mackenzie Kelly, was actually elected, by 750 votes in a December runoff in District 6 of the Council, with a turnout of 9%. Nearly 600 of those votes came from a neighborhood, which incumbent Jimmy Flannigan had alienated over a zoning affair that had nothing to do with police.

Until this week it seemed clear that it would take the legislature force majeure to get Austin to fund his policy. But on Wednesday, Save Austin Now, the GOP-led activists behind recriminalising public homelessness, launched a new campaign to petition for a pro-police citizens’ initiative on this year’s November ballot, alongside the proposals. of Texas Constitution Amendment that do. session alive. Since SAN, in his mind, curbed those thoughts of Council and especially Steve Adler on May 1, they’re going to fuck and find out what Austin really thinks about cops.

Big Bucks for Hot Bodies

We can call this SAN 2.0 drive, which is also the “benchmark” staffing ratio (2.0 officers per 1000 Austinites) that the Ordinance claims to set in stone, so the force will always grow and the ranks and union coffers swell and consume. more and more of your money, regardless of the facts on the ground. (There is no evidence that this leads to a reduction in crime.) The “non-partisan” initiative will also include provisions for more police training and actions in favor of diversity (with more paychecks). important for “good cops”) that might appeal to female Democrats, without whom no local election is won, even in the low turnout post-sessional amendment cycle. (The last one, in 2019, had a 13.7% turnout and two citizen initiatives, designed to mess with Austin FC and the Convention Center, which failed.)

The group of straight white Republicans and their only Latina friend on Wednesday tried to look like adults who just want us all to do it be careful, but of course the bullying jumped out. Witness, for example, US Representative Chip Roy, recently humiliated in his attempt to replace Liz Cheney as an important member of Congress: “Mayor Adler likes to talk about ‘reinventing’. “Reimagine” is just another word for having dangerous streets in Austin in the name of revival. “

“Wokeness” is a clue that these remarks are aimed at pampered whites who think that the opinions, ideas and wishes of the hundreds of thousands of Austinites who don’t look like Chip Roy are just meaningless bullshit. Yes, (certain types of) crime in Austin is on the rise (a bit), as it is in other cities. There’s a reason for this: We’ve just gone through a year of unprecedented national trauma, economic devastation, the deaths of over 50,000 Texans, and rioters trying to overturn the 2020 election, all presented by Republicans, not antifa, not BLM protesters. , and certainly not Steve Adler. We also had the backlash from the Austin police force to the peaceful protests a year ago this week, which is the main reason the council has passed de-police action instead of just talking about it as d ‘other cities.

See what you can see

But what about Prop B? Wasn’t that a sign of local backlash? By tying his campaign against the homeless to his pro-cop agenda, SAN is saying a little about himself. They were all upset when the Council included the words “criminal sanctions” on the ballot because they didn’t want people to think that all Prop B was to give the power back to the Austin police force to smash the heads of certain bums. But that’s all he really did.

When the Austinites voted on Prop B, months later than SAN had expected, voters saw with their own eyes what looked like a homeless explosion. As you know because you read the the Chronicle, that was not really true. He has been It is true that the city has struggled to get people into stable housing as fast as everyone would like. It’s still true, and SAN hasn’t done anything to change that, and neither has the red regime in this Great State, because they don’t care; they just want to make town hall look bad, because they’re bullies and assholes. Mission accomplished.

I’m guessing it’s possible that by November there will be enough crime and chaos on the streets of Austin to create a similar dynamic for SAN 2.0. We’ll definitely be hearing about all the crimes in Austin by then, though! And the crimes could actually be worse because the righteous budding warriors in our police force aren’t going to work very hard to prevent or solve them! Let us not be naive about this fact.

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