After replacing Georgina Barbarossa, Veronica Lozano talks about the conflicting versions: “I came dressed”.

The driver faced rumors among his colleagues about the trainees and the way they received him

On Friday, Georgina Barbarossa broke her silence on her show, at the barbarosa (teleph) Explain the reasons for his absence on the bicycle by means of a telephone communication. After several indictments which evoked possible labor disputes, the actress refuted these versions and clarified that it was a case of force majeure. a health complicationAfter broadcast, Veronique Lozano Was asked what it was like to accept the substitution in a surprising way And dealing with rumors about the team.

“After what happened to you, I am divine. I started feeling sick on Thursday and have acute vertigo syndrome, but it’s mild., I have dizziness, lightheadedness and nausea; The truth is, I grabbed the walls and at one point I crawled,” Georgina revealed in a chat with Lozano. He also said he was receiving treatment with kinesiology sessions and plans to start driving again very soon. With a bit of luck.

After taking control of the program for three days, the presenter bitten by lozano rated intruder (USA) and asked no questions about the rumors that have been circulating throughout the week. “As far as I saw the resentment in the team, honestly I came prepared and thought, ‘It’s going to be a mess'”Recognized, Aware of the results. And he added: “Turns out not, the group dynamic, I saw it. I don’t know if they care or command respect, but I think they got along well,

Georgina Barbarossa opened up about her health on her Friday show

When asked if he was scared when he asked him to replace Barbarossa, he explained with humor: “Nancy (Pazos) because she does not wear panties, it is verified. No, I’m not really afraid of anyone, but it’s a challenge to face a group you don’t belong to.He also stressed that he sees a professional connection in the panelists, with the organization asking questions about each topic to be discussed.

He also referenced comments about Georgina’s alleged anger for including multiple reports of police incidents in various sections, saying she had no idea it was true. However, he considered current issues that should be present in the review: “We all work on the notes, that’s how it is, and you have to adapt to it, then you can like it or not. Obviously, I enjoy the second half of the show much more than the first. ,

He also revealed that he exchanged a few messages with Barbarossa, and tried to reassure her: “I was worried, he said to me: ‘Gorda, I feel guilty, I want to go back’, and we talked a bit. I told him to tell me what he was going to do on Monday, so I could organize myself. Panel – partially inherited team flowerPrograms and schedules that you left empty Peas of Florence And with some new faces – made up of Nancy Pazos, Paulo Cablan, Noelia Antonelli, Analia Franchin, Leo Pecorro You Rodrigue Cascone in the kitchen. They are the ones who covered it during this week. And when it was confirmed that the absence would last several more days, the chain’s executives called Lozano.

a few days ago, in conversation with TV show, representative of Barbarossa, alejandra benevento, Clarified the situation. ,He had a lot of headaches and dizziness so he had to rest for a few days, he did a lot of tests and they were all very good., Calm on that side”. When asked when he would take over the reins of his program, he replied: “He just needs to rest and in the chain they agree that it happens so he can return to full strength on Monday,

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