African Americans Die at Higher Rate from COVID-19 Than Any Other Group, County Health Says | New

Farnitano said that 77.6% of all residents in the county, aged 12 and over, are at least partially vaccinated and more than 70% are fully vaccinated.

“Vaccination rates aren’t even countywide,” he said. “Our lowest vaccination rates are in the Pittsburg, Antioch and Oakley area of ​​East County.

About 1,000 unvaccinated county residents get vaccinated every day. Farnitano said the county is seeing about 45 new cases per day, with three to five deaths per week.

“It’s really the story of two counties,” Farnitano said. “For those who are fully vaccinated, the rates of new infections are really extremely low – about 0.5 cases per 100,000 per day.”

“But for those who are not fully vaccinated, the case rates are 13 times higher,” he said. “If that rate were extended to the entire county, it would really put us in what would have been considered the red, almost purple, case rates, like we were last winter.”

The county has launched a mobile service for residents who cannot get to a vaccination site, provided there are five or more people who need to be vaccinated. The online service form is available at

To learn more about the county’s COVID-19 response, visit

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