5 of the Best Places to take the Family Camping this Summer

Are you ready to head out into the natural beauty of America? Maybe you are longing for that wonderful trip to the perfect National/State Park; or you’re just tired of the noisiness of the city. Look no further, here are five of the best camping locations to seclude away with your family!

Crater Lake National Park, Oregon

Everyone loves volcanoes, right? Well, maybe when they’re sleeping. At this park, you’ll be camping out in the crater of a dormant volcano! There are two different camping grounds: Lost Creek and Mazama. Lost Creek is for tent-campers only; Mazama, on the other hand, has some electric hookups for your RVs, both locations have similar features. You can also choose to get even closer to nature by pitching your tent in the Backcountry! However, you must receive a permit.  You can also decide to take a swim in Crater Lake; it’s the deepest lake in the U.S., and it’s one of the cleanest in America.  Here is a closer look at Crater Lake National Park.

Gunnison National Forest, Colorado

Ever heard of Black Canyon? This beautiful gorge is amazing if you’re trying to catch a glance at the Painted Wall, which is Colorado’s highest cliff. This National Forest also has approximately 3,000 miles of trails and splendid views of the Rocky Mountains! If you’re an angler you’ll love the variety of fishing spots available.

Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

If you’ve never laid eyes on the Grand Canyon I’d definitely recommend it; it’s a mile deep and in some spots 18 miles wide! There’s the South Rim- which is open all year; and the North Rim- open only for the 2017 Season.  If you have a sense of adventure you can go hiking in the Backcountry; or take a raft down the Colorado River. Don’t let yourself and your family miss out on this magnificent natural-wonder of the world.

Pine Grove Furnace State Park, Pennsylvania

This is one beautiful park, it’s located on the northern tip of the Blue Ridge Mountains. If you’re a hiking-fanatic, you’ll definitely want to camp here and take a shot at what is conceivably the most famous foot trail on Earth, the Appalachian Trail; it’s an astounding 2,186-mile trail, about 500 people actually complete the entire thing in year. However, millions of people hike or walk portions of it yearly.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Tennessee

It’s understandable why this is America’s most popular national park: it has the largest collection of historic log buildings -for you history-lovers- and it’s a cornucopia of waterfalls. It’s also well known for its diverse animal and plant life. And if you love structures from the prehistoric era, this Park contains more than 70!

It’s More Than a Sport: How Athletics Teach Kids to Become Better Adults

According to the Boston Globe, in 2014 a total of approximately 45 million children across the United States were playing an organized sport. It’s well known that sports are a great way to keep kids active and off their Smart Phones, but there are a wealth of other benefits to playing sports when you’re young that maybe you haven’t heard. Here are few reasons why you may want to sign up your child for the next little league:

They Learn How to Get Along

In class, students are always told to get along with each other. But we are never told why. Because the majority of class assignments are done individually, with very few group projects introduced until early high school, kids have no additional incentive to work well with others. Due to the fact that the majority of organized sports beginning in elementary school involve a team, kids can learn very early on the value of being a team player. When a child learns the rules of soccer, volleyball, basketball, they learn that each player is valuable in their own right and that each player serves a different role that helps the team win. By getting along with their fellow players, kids learn how working together can people succeed in all aspects of life.

They Learn Responsibility

Being involved in any organized sport requires a schedule; kids as young as four or five are taught they need to be at a certain place, in uniform, on time and ready to practice. By becoming accustomed to a schedule when they’re young, kids become better at developing their own good habits and routines into adulthood.

They Learn How to Take Criticism and Improve

This generation of parents has taught their children that each and every one of them is unique, special and, in some extreme cases, perfect. By giving some of that paternal responsibility to another adult figure, the child can get a different perspective. Some kids who are not good at a sport right away might quit, but others may learn from their coaches’ feedback and improve based on their newly acquired skills. By helping your child stick with it, you are teaching them that through hard work and effort you can improve and get better at something.

Although many parents look at sports as simply a way to get their kids to socialize outside of class and have fun there are many more intrinsic factors at work. Teaching your child how to be a team player, exercise good judgment, learn responsibility and take criticism are all tools that they will need as they transition into adulthood.